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Skill Development

First early childhood development facility, which offers a phenomenal range of enrichment

 children and their Families.

All in one children's activity centerand play area


Monday- Friday 2:00pm-6:00pm

Saturday- Sunday 10:00am- 5:00pm

We provide a sense of community in a modern, safe and clean environment where children can play, learn and have fun in an approachable location.

Skill development classes to engage inquisitive minds and leave little ones captivated.

Each semester last 16 weeks

Each class is held once a week for an hour.

Language Development

Language plays a major role in early childhood development. We at Little Harvard acknowledge this as an integral and most important part of our program. Vocabulary building begins at toddler level through picture books, simple talks and day to day conversation and activities. Whereas, at pre-school level our facilitators initiate interactive reading style, this encourages children to:


Make remarks


Predict events


Raise questions about story and illustrations


Other things kept in mind is that children love to talk about events and characters in the books, so sufficient opportunity is given for that.


Re-reading to facilitate language development (children start relating to prominent words and phrases in the stories and slowly these become a part of their vocabulary).

Story Time

Story sessions + Read Aloud

Stories are a window to the world of wonders. We believe in stimulating the child' imagination, opening a universe of possibilities and helping them to imbibe a vibrant world view through stories.

We at Little Harvard believe that story telling is not only a way of appreciating world cultures and traditions but also a means to open the mind's eye, helping to see opportunity in challenges. Our personalized and creatively designed story session enable our children to learn to respect, to be more responsible and many more valuable life skills.

Skill sets being developed through our Story Time:


Together we learn to befriend books at an early age, knowing simple concepts like who is an author, who is an illustrator, reading happens from left to right.


Familiarity with sounds, words, language and value of books;


Understanding that words have different sounds;


Learning new vocabulary and usage in daily life;


Being comfortable with the language (ability to understand and repeat a story in one's own words)


Learning to use pitch, volume and intonation effectively to emote and express


Understanding the difference between make believe and the real world.


Enhancing imagination and visualization skills.

This is a closely monitored program and we have our own parameters to measure skill sets and further ways of enhancing them.

Our Read Aloud sessions are conducted by our expert on board, who has special experience in vocabulary development and language enhancement during early childhood

Music and dance

Sing Along Music Sessions

Our curriculum lays a lot of importance on singing with music and movements. Our sessions are specially designed keeping in mind that this is the stepping stone for language development.

Skill sets being enhanced through Music and Dance:

A.Appreciation of Rhyme and Rhythm

B.Development of auditory and listening skills

C.Picking up new vocabulary and acquiring language skills

D.Memorizing and recitation help in sharpening mental skills

E.Through rhymes basic concepts like shapes, numbers and logical reasoning are taught and enhanced

F.Learning the art of managing pitch and volume in conversation

G.Introduction to event sequencing

H.Learning the art of working in a group

I.Developing visualization skills and much more

J.Introduction to humor

More than anything else "Movers and Shakers" is the time for our children to bond with each other, singing with action and enjoying being part of the group and of our family.

Creative Expression

We at Little Harvard believe in developmentally right art experience. Our Creative Art program gives wings to our learners to enable them to express, feel, observe, think and imagine through two and three dimensional art. It's a proven fact that children who are introduced to creativity at an early age, learn to relax and focus and have amazing planning and problem solving ability.

Skill sets being developed through Creative Expression:

A.Gaining fine motor skills,

B.Strengthening eye hand motor co-ordination,

C.Nurturing pre-writing skills

D.Developing perceptual abilities (awareness of colour, shape, form and line)

E.Nurturing ability to make choices and problem solving (What colour should I use? How do I add legs to a clay figure? )

F.Pre- math, Pre-language, Pre-Science skills all are introduced through art (learning shapes, sizes, learning simple vocabulary like cutting, pasting, texture etc).

G.Strengthening visualization and imagination

Through art and craft we engage multiple brain area simultaneously and improve bilateral co-ordination between left and right side of brain, leading to immediate and future cognitive development. This is a closely monitored program and we have our own parameters to measure skill sets and further ways of enhancing them. This program is managed by our specialist on board who have years of experience in early childhood development, integrated with creative arts.

Little Gym

Big Muscles for little babies our specialized fitness program for the Kids. We believe in moving a step ahead at every level. Once our toddlers have developed an interest in physical activities, we raise the bar higher and do a combination of yoga, aerobics and free hand activities. An innate part of this program is understanding Teamwork.

Free Play session

Little Harvard's free play sessions are unstructured free playtime specially designed to develop basic social skills in tandem with gross motor skill development. When we say that it is unstructured we mean that acting as a facilitator, the teacher encourages children to try out various different gross motor skills activities as per their free will;slides, trampoline, various aiming games, introduction to nine pin bowling, basketball, playing with bat & ball and introduction to many other simple games, leading to the development of pre-sporting abilities.

Children under the facilitator's guidance learn to be patient and develop qualities and social skills like waiting for their turn, sharing, caring, being polite and becoming more confident. These sessions are showcased through our Annual Sports Day.

Skill sets being enhanced through Gym and Free Play Sessions


Working on gross motor and fine motor skills


Learning to use large muscles in legs and arms


Balancing - the ability to adjust body symmetrically


Hand-eye coordination (to run, kick, throw and catch)


Body awareness (body posture and control)


Major muscle coordination


Spatial orientation

Special Days & Events

"...beyond the ordinary"

From "Red day","Grandparents Day",to "Pet Jungle Day" to name a few, every special day celebration is well planned and executed. Parents play a major role in researching the topics and teachers and students absorb the feedback from home through creative work in school. For all major occasions like Annual Day and Project Days, Fun Fair, Sports Day, and so on, the students are efficiently trained and given an opportunity to express themselves, which, in turn, tends to build their confidence. More importantly, we cherish the opportunity to introduce to our students, varied traditions and cultures by celebrating all festivals, from Eid to Christmas and Diwali to Easter. Our greatest delight is to see all our children respond enthusiastically to "sharing is caring" days, during which we invite underprivileged children to participate in special events like Diwali or Christmas.

Little Chef

Bringing kids into the kitchen can benefit them in a number of ways. At little Harvard we have special non-gas cooking classes. Children love to show what they can do and working in the kitchen provides opportunities to gain a sense of accomplishment. Those who are picky eaters, open up to new tastes. Kids learn by exploring with their senses and learning basic math skills, kids pick up new vocabulary words from recipe.

A.Build basic skills

B.Encourage an adventurous palate.

C.Help young kids explore with their senses.

D.Boost confidence.