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Little Harvard is the first of its kind, early childhood development facility, which offers a 

 Phenomenal range of enrichment classes for children and their families. We take play seriously.


Little Harvard is the first of its kind, early childhood development facility, which offers a phenomenal range of enrichment classes for children and their families. We take play seriously. The well-rounded toddler is a master chef, apprentice builder, mad scientist, intrepid athlete, wordsmith, and music maestro, all rolled into one! We give our children a wealth of experiential activities and families a sense of community in a safe indoor play area.

We offer a play area created for children between the age of a few months to five years to explore, discover, create and grow through playground activities and classes that encourage creative play, gross and fine motor skills and language development.

At Little Harvard we believe in multiple ways to promote multiple intelligences. Our curriculum is designed as per European and the USA preschools, but customized to Indian educational requirements. It caters to the multiple intelligences propounded by Howard Gardener using a judicious blend of Montessori, play way and Reggio Emilia methods of preschool education.

They can be broadly categorized into the following nine intelligences

Naturalist Intelligence ("Nature Smart")

Ability to recognize and categorize plants, animals, weather, oceans and mountains. Our activities include Camping, reading, watching geographic shows, trips to museum, park and zoo to build interest in kids.

Musical Intelligence ("Music Smart")

Music experiences are known to help forge pathways between the cell of a child brain our program "Melody"help provide rich sensorial experiences.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence ("Number/Reasoning Smart")

includes the ability to reason and think logically. Little Harvard teaching method includes conducting experiments, solving puzzles, analysing circumstance and behaviour, classifying categories.

Existential Intelligence ("Philosophy Smart")

Involves having "a concern with ultimate issues" and thinking about abstract concepts and ideas that go beyond what can easily be seen or heard. Kicking a ball into the air and learning about gravity, importance of recycling plants.

Inter-personal Intelligence ("People Smart")

Includes ability to interact with others effectively. Activities include group work, non-verbal communication and problem solving skills. Kids pick up on the mood, characteristics, emotions and intension of those around to tailor their approach of interaction.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence ("Body Smart")

Physical movement in itself is crucial to brain development and learning. Our class includes Big muscle for little babies, Little Harvard gym, Soft play, Harvard gymnastics, Harvard sports.

Linguistic Intelligence ("Word Smart)

At Student trainees participate in unique Circle time sessions that include Games to be gentle, News time, exploring the Season Box whereby vocabulary is enhanced and each participant gets opportunities to speak.

Intra-personal Intelligence ("Self Smart")

At Little Harvard we believe that self-awareness is the key to all personal and intellectual growth of a child. This is our guiding principal in interacting with them and nurturing their growth.

Spatial Intelligence ("Picture Smart)

kids are encouraged to express themselves through art.Our balanced curriculum allows us to enhance each and every aspect of the child's development through a combination of cutting-edge teaching methodologies, ensures that we have age- appropriate targets to facilitate optimum learning.

Academic Programme

Age: 1.6 years and up

Duration: 1year ,5days a weak

Explorers (Playgroup Program)

The program is designed to prepare kids for school. It helps the child foster confidence, independence and social development. Kids will be taught language, pre-math skills, science and practical life

Age: 2.1yrs

Duration: 6 months, 5 days a week


This Program is for 6 months for the children of the March intake of mommy & me. Children will come to school from January to june and attend the pre discovery program. It will be an environment that creates a strong foundation for successful academic learning and socialization. It will nurture them to grasp knowledge in a more proficient manner when they attend the Discovery Program.

Age: 2.6 years

Duration: 1yr, 5 days a week


The Discovery Program gives your kids a chance to explore materials and activities while learning new concepts. Kids will also improve their social skills, as we know; children develop talent and abilities through play with peers and teachers

Age: 3.6 years and up

Duration: 1year ,5days a weak

Pre- Kindergarten

One of the many challenges a four year old faces is the transition from being taken care of to realizing they can do more for themselves. We encourage sharing, co-operation, hugging and taking, to develop self- control and self-esteem. More practical life skills like learning to tell time and manage their own activities are developed.

Age: 4.6 years and up

Duration: 1yr ,classes 5days a weak


The Program is designed to prepare children for the big transition to primary school, children will practice many social, developmental, intellectual and physical skills, and through the year self- help skills will be highlighted. This is the year when the children will enjoy a structured academic day with a balance of the care curriculum and specialized subjects.

Age: 10 months

Duration: 9 months, 3 days in a week for 1hr

Mother Toddler Program

As a new Mom, you can sometimes feel like you are isolated from world, stuck at home with no other but your precious baby to talk to but it doesn't have to be that way. Our classes offer you a great opportunity to get out of the home and interact with other new moms.

 Cognitive, motor, and sensory activities designed to appeal particularly to the interests and abilities of infants; it offers great opportunity to bond with kids.

 "Children need play time because that is how they learn"

How to adjust to an infant's changing needs Activities to develop cognitive skills, including focusing, remembering, matching, identifying, tracking, and more Activities to develop motor skills, including rolling, grasping, placing, stacking, pouring, and more Activities to develop sensory abilities, including visual tracking, experiencing sounds and volume, recognizing patterns, feeling textures, identifying objects, experiencing temperature, and more 

Harvard Attributes

We believe in inculcating in our children these attributes by exposing to activities such as music, drama, story telling, elocution and puzzles to develop their listening, reasoning and thinking skills. Yoga and music and movement enhance their physical development and the use of blocks and other Montessori equipment caters to their motor and cognitive development. Field trips, special days and events, train the children in a variety of important social behaviors in different environment.

  • Confident
  • Compassionate
  • Curious
  • Imaginative
  • Expressive
  • Energetic
  • Joyous
  • Independent
  • Responsible

Learning Support at Harvard

At Little Harvard, we concentrate on teaching children to associate their learning with real life so that they can practically apply the knowledge. We pay a lot of attention to our settling procedure and provide a "home- like comfort zone" so as to put the children at ease in the school environment.Growth among young children tends to be episodic and uneven. We encourage children to explore and think for themselves while monitoring the areas of their growth

If we identify learning difficulties, we schedule one-to-one sessions, which ensure that the child is given the right guidance at the appropriate time. Our expert child psychiatrist & special educator have also been instrumental in guiding both, the students and the parents effectively over the years.