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"Learning is easy...when learning is fun"

Our Vision

Our vision is to create lifelong learners who are self-confident global citizens who excel in their endeavours and contribute to the betterment of the society at large through their knowledge and commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior preschool education to our students through our application-based curriculum with constant innovations and updates in methodologies to meet the changing demands of our students.

Our Core Values


True learning leads to humility, or in the words of our great sages "There is no respect for others without humility in one's self."


Determination is the ability to remain firmly rooted in what one believes despite the storm of fierce adversities. We believe in inculcating culture in our students with its spirit.


Integrity -in mind, heart, and soul- is the essence of mankind which we imbue our children with.


Courage and conviction is sculpted right through childhood at Little Harvard school.

Massage by Chairperson

Dear Mommies & Daddies,

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I introduce the little Harvard school to you. Children come to us in their formative years when their minds are highly receptive and active. The knowledge given to them between the ages of 0 and 5 stays with them for life and forms the basis for future education. Having recognized the importance of pre-school education and the redundancy of rote learning in today’s scenario, we have developed our curriculum to create thinkers who can analyse and apply their knowledge to real-life, problem-solving situations. We firmly believe in our motto “Learning is easy…when learning is fun”, we ensure that our children learn better by enjoying the process of learning. Education is the training of both mind & heart. Intellectual education influences the mind & value based education influences the heart.

I firmly believe that meaningful education is one which raises a compassionate human being, that’s why we have designed our curricula such that it imparts values by means of stories, moral dramatizations and actual practices. As an educator, I can assure you that we are building in our children not only academic excellence but also character.

Thank you
Anuradha Agrawal


Advisory Board

Little Harvard school’s Advisory panel comprises of leading professionals in diverse industries. Their individual and collective guidance, drawing from their unique experiences throughout the course of their careers have greatly influenced and inspired us.

Anurag Dalmia

Anurag Dalmia, is the Managing Director, he has completed his engineering from Bangalore and has been actively involved with Indian public School, Sambalpur. He brings to Little Harvard, his intense passion for childcare & childern's education and his innovative style of Management.

Dr (Mrs) Anupriya Choudhary

Dr (Mrs) Anupriya Choudhary, a doctor by profession earned her degree from the renowned Kasturba Gandhi medical college (Manipal university) specializing in aesthetic medicine at Dr Jamuna pai institute, Mumbai. She has been instrumental in putting ideas to execution which is the common driving force. She has organized several workshops, seminars and counselling sessions for the children. She strongly believes that education must be socially oriented and in the direction of meeting social needs.

Vithika Binjrajka

Vithika Binjrajka, Educational qualification includes Degree from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, currently a CFO of a large conglomerate based in Mumbai. Loving Mother to two, extremely talented Children and hence in the position to understand a parent's psyche and emotions perfectly.

Team of Teachers

Our teachers are Compassionate individuals who are naturally aware of the immense responsibility they have in encouraging in each child a love for learning. They recognize that the educational experiences and guidance that the children receive under them is of utmost importance. We believe in providing our teachers with the most recent research and training in child education. To make sure each child's needs are addressed, we follow a teacher- student ratio of 1:10. Exposure to updated training skills and workshops on problems they face with behavioral issues in the classroom, ensure that there is growth and clarity in their approach to classroom practices.


Stimulating children through a creative environment

We strongly believe that the infrastructure is an extension of our curriculum and learning happens as much through the physical school environment as it does through books and other learning aids.

Creative classroom backdrops stimulate and motivate the child. Each and every design is carefully selected and is intended to "encourage the child to explore","to probe further","to question",which works well in creating excitement and a receptive environment.